The energy, spontaneity, luxe and most importantly “joy” emitted in his iconic photographers has influenced the contemporary scene for decades.
Born in Lima, Peru, his latin background gave him this unique gift to communicate vibrantly the beauty of life through his images. Testino’s authenticity allows him to evoke feeling in others through his work. From love and friendship to power and vulnerability, Testino is able to convey the ups and downs and joys of life with a chic touch.
His most recent project, Museo Mate, is a home and tribute to his most iconic images. The exhibition weaves together an inside look into the lives of his subjects, giving you a glimpse into the evolution of the fashion industry over the past decade.
Mario has become an icon in his country, where locals have stories to tell that connect you with him. And who can blame them? Mario’s talent and genius is infectious and present throughout Peru. He has changed the local fashion photography scene, continually supporting local talent and exposing them on a global scale. During our time at Lima Fashion Week, wet met handbag designer Ana G (@anagofficial), who works with local artisans to support small communities. After Mario, a good friend, gifted Kate Moss one of her handbags, her brand was exposed to a global audience. “I designed this bag years ago with local artisans to support local communities and for years no one outside of Peru really knew, until now.”

At entrance to Museo Mate, you are greeted by handsome men, seemingly handpicked by Mario from a Milan runway. They kindly explain what to expect, and what to definitely not miss. The property, an equisite 19th century townhouse in the heart of Lima’s Barranco district, is home to the latest generation of artists and bohemians.
Museo Mate was conceived as a non-for-profit project to contribute to Peru’s society through the cultivation and promotion of culture and heritage. Mario’s museum is a sanctuary and reminder that possibilities are endless when you chase your dreams with passion and love, and stick to them. ​