Information and Obligations of the Seller
KADALEXSA SAPI de CV (“Km33 Tulum”), is the one who sells directly and without intermediaries (the “Transactions” for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, this term will be applied to concepts in singular or plural, uppercase or lowercase , indistinctly), the products offered on this Page. Any transaction made through the Site, will be subject to the terms and conditions expressed herein.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions.
• Each time you visit this website http: km33official.com (the “Page”) provided by Km33 Tulum, and use it as a client (“Client”), you accept the terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). Conditions “) here expressed, so we ask you to review them carefully before making a transaction. In case you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you must refrain from carrying out any transaction as well as providing personal information within this Site. These terms and conditions may be modified occasionally by Km33 Tulum, so we recommend that you periodically consult them to know the provisions in force at the time of your purchase.

Object of the Page
• The use of this Site will be exclusively so that, as a Client, you personally consult the information related to the products that Tulum Tulum puts on sale through it. In accordance with the foregoing, the Website can not be used again, so it can not be copied, re-sent, reproduced, reused, sold, transmitted, distributed, downloaded, licensed, modified, published or used in any other way the content of the Page for public or commercial purposes. Under no circumstances may it be understood or interpreted that any concession or license is being delivered or granted with respect to any intellectual property right or of any other nature. It is not allowed to link or refer to the Page, unless expressly allowed in writing by Km33 Tulum.

Obligations of the Client
Each time you use this Site, you are obliged, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, to:

• Make use of this Site in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth herein as well as the Conditions of Use of the Page that you may find within it.
• Perform legitimate operations, either personally or in the name of the person authorized. to represent legally.
• Be responsible for all charges, fees and taxes derived from transactions made.
• Provide truthful, accurate and legitimate information that is requested to carry out the transaction of sale of the products offered here.
• Do not access information from third parties through the Website.
• Not allow unauthorized third parties to carry out transactions through the Site without your consent.
• Do not impersonate any person or entity, or use or provide a false or unmatched email address.

Update of information
• Km33 Tulum may modify the content of the Site at any time and assumes no commitment to update it at any given time. As a Customer, you have the possibility to consult, verify or ratify any information contained in the page through the contact data provided for this purpose, or directly in each of our Stores.

• As a Client, you accept to use electronic mail as a means of communication, so all agreements, notices, information or communications sent to you by this means, will be considered as meeting the legal requirements as if they had been made in writing.


Purchase conditions
• The products purchased by the Client through the Site will be governed by these Terms and Conditions of contract for the purchase sale of retail products and the applicable tax provisions.
• Km33 Tulum makes every effort to make the content of the Website as accurate as possible; however, errors or inaccuracies may occasionally exist, including, among others, in the description, quality, availability, image, payment terms, applicable offers or product price. Also, within the web application for matching colors of paint online, the color codes of paint that are displayed on the screen are approximate so that the applied product could vary.

• In these cases, both you and the client as well as Km33 Tulum have the unilateral right to cancel the transaction until before the physical delivery of the product, in which case Km33 Tulum will refund your payment in full and we will contact you shortly. support you.
• In order to benefit as many customers as possible, Km33 Tulum can choose at all times to sell each customer a maximum number of products of the same type, so in this case, the offer of the corresponding product will be canceled. .

Of the quality and characteristics of the products offered
• Km33 Tulum sells through the Site the offered products that are shown for sale online in the catalog. The characteristics of each product will be described within the Page, so Km33 Tulum is obliged, in the case of a sale, to deliver the product with the characteristics indicated in its description, except for what is described in point B. 1. previous .
• Likewise, the home delivery service of the products does not include installation service or court service of any kind, both services must be requested separately.

Of the price of the products offered
• The prices of each of the products offered, and where applicable, the promotions applicable to them, will be published through the Website; These prices will be perfectly identifiable and attributable to each product in question, except as described in point B. 1. above. Km33 Tulum may offer prices and offers for the sale of products on this Site that vary with respect to prices and offers on the same products in physical stores, which will only be applicable to the transactions of purchase and sale made by this means and for the city or entity so indicated; therefore for no reason Km33 Tulum is obliged to respect the prices published within this Site for transactions made in any of our physical stores or in other cities or entities to those indicated.

Payment of the products
• In order to carry out the sale transaction through this Site, as a Customer you must have a credit or debit card duly issued by a Banking Institution legally constituted under Mexican law, or one of the available and acceptable payment methods. for Km33 Tulum and that the charge that is intended to be derived from the purchase of the products is authorized. Km33 Tulum can sometimes vary the cards of Banking Institutions that you accept in this portal.
• Km33 Tulum may review, through its acquiring Banking Institution or by itself, the information provided to carry out the transaction online, including once the transaction is made electronically, with the Client having to prove, when requested, that the information previously provided is the correct
• In case there is any variation between the information provided within this Page, the information provided to the acquiring Banking Institution and the information collected at the moment of delivering the merchandise in the Store, Km33 Tulum may suspend the delivery of the merchandise until the information provided is validated in its entirety.

• Once the purchase transaction has been made through this Page, and the payment has been authorized by the Banking Institution issuing the credit or debit card, or credited as appropriate to another means of payment, a screen will appear. will indicate that you will receive an email where you will be indicated the following steps for the delivery of your products, except for what is described in point B. 1. above.
• As soon as you receive the proof and confirmation of purchase, you will have to print it and present it at the moment when the purchased products are delivered to you. Each purchase receipt contains essential information for the delivery of the products, so you must not alter, scratch, modify or falsify the information contained in this document.
• You must print the purchase confirmation and present it at the time the purchased products are delivered to you.

Delivery and reception of products
• Each time you make a purchase through this Page, you will be presented with two methods for the delivery and receipt of the purchased products:

• Delivery in Store: you must go to the Store that you choose to collect the purchased products. Before carrying out the transaction, you can check the availability of the Store of your choice, however, you must wait to receive an email in which you indicate the date from which you can collect your purchased products. In order to be delivered the purchased products, you must go to the Store that you selected, show the proof of purchase that you printed at the end of the transaction or the confirmation email.

• Delivery in Store: you must go to the Store that you choose to collect the purchased products. Before carrying out the transaction, you can check the availability of the Store of your choice, however, you must wait to receive an email in which you indicate the date from which you can collect your purchased products. For you to be delivered the purchased products, you must go to the store that you selected, show the proof of purchase that you printed at the end of the transaction or the email confirmation of purchase, as well as your official identification with a photograph or IFE credential / INE, valid passport, professional certificate or document that proves the legal stay in the country (in case of foreigners), or, that official identification in force of the person authorized to receive the products and that the buyer had indicated to Km33 Tulum. Km33 Tulum can request the physical bank card with which the purchase was made to perform additional validations in any case. Remember that we will only deliver the products purchased to you or to the person you authorized during the transaction process.
• The maximum time to collect your products in store is 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date you received the email where you are notified that your products are ready to pick up at the selected store. If at this time the merchandise is not collected, 10% (ten percent) of the final price of the purchased product (s) will be applied, and the remainder will be automatically returned to the buyer in full to the original form of payment, which will be reflected from 10 to 15 business days depending on the issuing bank.

• Delivery to home: in case you have opted for home delivery, the following provisions will apply:
• Unless a promotion is applied, Home Delivery has a cost that must be paid by the Client at the time of the transaction: this cost will be shown to you and will be clearly identified within the transaction.
• The products can only be delivered at the address indicated for that purpose in the transaction. Likewise, the reception of products must be made by the Client, or else, by the person authorized to receive the products in the transaction, who must present an official identification with a photograph, either IFE / INE credential, current passport, professional certificate or document. that proves the legal stay in the country (in case of foreigners), as well as the proof of purchase or the confirmation email of the transaction.
• All of our home delivery orders include basic maneuver, being only at the ground floor level and up to a second floor. They are restricted in an enunciative manner but not limiting the deliveries, when maneuvers are carried out that involve the use of pulleys and / or specialized equipment, when the integrity of the product, the property of the Client or the safety of the persons is put at risk, when Dismantle merchandise and / or modify domicile facilities such as: removing doors and / or windows. In no case is installation of any kind included.
• The maximum time for you to receive your products at the address registered in your purchase order is 30 calendar days from the date you received your email where you are notified that your order is in transit, except fortuitous event or force greater, in which case, the delivery time will be extended as necessary. If during this period it was not possible to contact you at the phone number you provided or at the address indicated, we will automatically proceed to return the original payment form, minus 10% (ten percent) of the final price of the purchased products. for conventional penalty, the amount to be returned will be reflected from 10 to 15 business days depending on the issuing bank.
• Upon receiving your products, regardless of the delivery option you have chosen, you must (i) sign the delivery folios and (ii) perform a physical inspection to ensure that you receive it without obvious defects such as bumps, paint scrapes , physical deterioration, etc.

Once you receive the products purchased via the internet, the buyer will have a period of 3 (three) business days to return the product or request a change. The return or exchange of the product will only operate in case the product is damaged and that the damage has its origin in the store, or will operate the change, when looking to change the size.

To proceed with the return or exchange of a product, the buyer must send an email requesting such circumstance to the address [•], stating the reason for the return or change; Likewise, it must accompany an image of the damaged product as well as the damaged part, and an image of the product’s payment receipt. In attention to the fact that the product can only be returned or changed to the person who made the purchase, it must also be accompanied by a valid official identification with photograph.

For the case of change of product by size, the buyer must make the corresponding payment for the courier service both for the return of the product, and for the new shipment.

Personal data protection
• Your privacy is very important for Km33 Tulum. The personal data that you provide us through the Site, are used to process orders, guarantee adequate deliveries, provide a better service at the time of your visit or call, evaluate and continuously improve the products and services we offer, as well as send you promotional information of Km33 Tulum. To learn more about the way we obtain, use, share or store your personal information visit our Privacy Notice.

Compliance with the terms and conditions
• The access, use or celebration of any operation through the Site, means compliance with these terms and conditions that as Customer you declare to have read and accepted. In case of dispute arising from the application or interpretation of these terms and conditions, the parties will submit to the conciliation procedure of the Federal Consumer Attorney or the jurisdiction of the courts of Mexico City, waiving any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction. , present or future that could correspond to you for reasons of your domicile or any other cause.

Last Update: December 20, 2017