Punta Mita


Our newest obsession has a name, and it is Hana Waxman. She was born in California, but has been based in Nayarit, Mexico for the last decade. She calls herself an interior designer, but we prefer treasure hunter.
We first met Hana on our first location scouting to the region when we were looking for properties to open our fourth location. We entered her shop, Maco, located in the heart of this small town, and immediately knew it was special. Her style is effortless and laidback. She manages to a vibrant energy through her hand picked pieces. Her love of Mexico is present in every corner of the boutique, as well as her projects in and out of the country. Maco’s boutique features heart shaped pieces made mostly in Mexico by artisans from Oaxaca, Chiapas, the Yucatan and Nayarit.
Hana is an entrepreneur who stole our heart. She is a visionary of what is being called by many as “The New Luxe.” She recently created the interior design of Villa 3 Amores, located in the Mexican pacific to much success. With art deco touches and strong Mexican textures, this project is a celebration and homage to her legacy in the industry.

In times of divided countries and societies, Hana is an example of how two cultures can come together with magic and love. Her style is not what defines her, but her passion for what she does, how she does it and the ways in which she is bring attention to local artisans through her one-of-a-kind pieces. ​